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Longtime cannabis activist Dana Larsen wants psychedelic mushrooms to be the next decriminalized drug. The World Health Organization estimates that some 350 million people worldwide are affected by depression, a common mental disorder characterized by sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, tiredness, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep and appetite, and poor concentration.
Psilocybin may also be manufactured in illegal labs, and this drug is usually either a white powder or in pill form. All factors considered, purchase magic mushrooms in canada it seems that Canada could again be the leader in another legalization movement, this time in the world of psychedelics.

For psilocybin, the prevalence of abuse and serious adverse events is low in comparison to other major classes of abused drugs, and researchers have found that any significant association between the lifetime use of psychedelics and an increased likelihood of mental illness or suicidal thoughts, plans, or attempts simply does not exist Moreover, psilocybin has a very low risk of overdose toxicity.
It was only until the modern eras (early 1900's) that the use of psychedelics became contrary to the law - in countries outside the U.S., Canada & Europe, many cultures have continued to use magic mushrooms as part of upkeeping their mental health and overall well-being.

Like many illegal or so-called grey market” dispensaries that operated before cannabis legalization, Larsen says he will only sell to people located in Canada who provide proof of a diagnosis or a recommendation for psilocybin from a health-care practitioner.
Founded in 2019 by Larsen, The Mushroom Dispensary says it's dedicated to the benefits of microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes.” The dispensary's website describes a microdose as a dose around 5% to 10% of a typical ‘psychedelic' level dose.
The treatment consists of three monthly, eight-hour sessions under the influence of MDMA, interspersed by nine 90-minute sessions without it. This work is historically significant, say the researchers involved, because it marks the first time in more than four decades that an illegal psychedelic drug has been clinically tested in Canada.

Just days ago Denver made history by holding the first government psychedelics decriminalization panel where reform advocates were able to speak openly with elected officials and members of local law enforcement about the city's psychedelics policy and the therapeutic potential of psilocybin mushrooms.
For Larsen, who has faced numerous cannabis charges , his mushroom dispensary is part of a broader push to normalize psychedelics and eventually get them legalized. Ketamine is different than the other three psychedelics discussed, because it is legally available for veterinarians and medical doctors for medical uses.

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