Solar Panels & Chargers

One of the most interesting projects for both solar energy and do-it-yourself enthusiasts is learning how to build a solar powered battery charger. Most solar chargers are designed for 12 VDC, but we do have limited availability on a 24-volt panel Typically, when 24 volts or greater is needed, solar panels may be wired in series, or we can special order solar panels that are made to deliver more DC Volts such as 24V, 36V, 48V etc.
But in most situations, a USB solar charger isn't actually the best portable power source, and you may be better off starting with a USB power bank designed for phones and tablets , USB-C laptops solar power bank , or AC-powered laptops Our power bank picks keep a smartphone charged for hours or even days at a time, are the size of a paperback novel or smaller, and are not dependent on the weather.

First, they wrap around your phone, helping to hold in heat - but that alone isn't so bad, because that's what all phone cases do. But to charge your phone, you put your phone face down in direct sunlight so the solar cells on the rear of the case can charge your phone.
I have not had any problems running of charge in the sunlight as it seems to maintain battery the entire time it is in the sun, although the light indicators representing charge on the side have no instructions and look like they only are able to be half charged by the sun, the other half battery, although I could be wrong.

This set up is designed to run a single 70W HPS light each night for 7 hours… I figured with the ballast that the total wattage used by this light at apx 95w an hour… your calculator shows that I'm right on the money for 7 hours of use every night, never depleting my batteries past 50%, and getting a full recharge each day on 5 hours of sunlight.
Also included are four carabiners—they clip onto the fabric loops sewn around the edges of the BigBlue—that you can use to attach it to the outside of a backpack for on-the-go powering or to a tent to charge up your gear while you're enjoying the day.
The ECEEN 10W Zip Pack Solar Panel Charger is light and compact option for camping, hiking, going to the beach or other outdoor activities It is portable, versatile, and durable, with two slightly flexible and scratch resistant solar panels in a zip pack design.

As with all electronic devices particularly one containing a high capacity battery, exposing the charger to long term heat will damage both the electronic components and battery. With time, the solar technology for chargers will improve in efficiency, performance, and cost.
Keep in mind which of your devices need adapters - again, your best bet might be to power them from a battery pack charged by your solar panels as you will lose power in the conversion. As the name suggests, a solar power phone charger is a device that can charge your phone batteries by converting the power of the sun into electricity.

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