Maxima Equestrian is a family business based in East Sussex who sell colourful yet practical horse and pony rugs at affordable prices and in sizes from 3′ to 7′. DVR challenges current ways of thinking in areas they care about and design useful, beautiful products with reason and purpose. In turn, they are broadening people’s imaginations to… Read More

However, with the rising costs of healthcare in developed countries, medical tourism in Turkey and other developing countries keeps increasing. A lot of people choose to have their surgery abroad and enjoy a medical vacation at the same time. According to research published in 2017 by PwC, medical tourism in central and eastern Europe is rising 12-… Read More

We hear from Farah Haris, who was working to treat diabetic patients in the fallout of last year’s devastating Beirut explosion. We also speak to chronic disease expert Amulya Reddy on how MSF is finding innovative new ways to help patients and challenge the three “Big Pharma” corporations controlling the insulin market. In this episode of Ev… Read More

No matter where your event is located, we are able to establish a professional team within a short time. The music was perfect for our Carnival themed fete 😊The atmosphere was brilliant with visitors of all ages enjoying the rhythm. Not too loud close up, but travelled all down the high street, just what we'd hoped for. We can set the scene … Read More

The best part about the MLGS system is if you don’t have an offer to promote you can promote the system itself. You also may not want to join if you don’t want your offer in front of more people eyeballs. Plus, at this time I can’t even confirm is the people are real. I’ve also noticed that none of my leads were repeat. So each lead had a … Read More