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I completed my University education in Medicine at Bologna University. The League, strongly supported by the High Commissariat for Hygiene and Public Health, with circular n. 110 of 14 November 1955 signed by its director, Tiziano Tessitori, fostered collaboration with existing institutions in the field of care for sick people, with particular attention to their reintegration into the workplace and society at large.
The lack of satisfaction might indicate poor preparation on the part of the MD dealing with the patient (in Italy, we still await a law to regulate the training of medical and non-medical operators), or too high expectations by patients, due to wrong information.

Acknowledging the rise in increasingly severe forms of poliomyelitis in numerous countries, and supporting the organization of international conferences, already planned in Badanti Roma Brussels and New York, the First World Assembly requested a report, which was submitted to the Second World Health Assembly, which met in Rome from June 13 to July 2, 1949.
In order to improve the organization of palliative care and to ensure integrated management and an adequate response to the patients' needs, monitoring tools must be developed to evaluate and improve the activities and processes of home care through more findings and interdisciplinary research studies (especially on the processes and outcomes) of international recognition 36 , 37 , as the same are essential to development and continuous improvement of HPCSs 41 , especially in a complex sector such as palliative care, which has only recently been recognized as an official discipline in Italy.

This Institute played a major role in the treatment and rehabilitation of polio patients in the following decades 9 A special law for "the assistance and the care of poor patients affected with the sequelae of acute anterior poliomyelitis" was issued by the Fascist government on June 10, 1940, in the same session that declared war on Great Britain and France.
Finally, with regard to the main outcome for deceased patients, a large proportion of assisted patients died at home, (respectively nearly 75% and 80% for cancer and non-cancer patients) whereas a lower percentage of deaths occurred at the hospital (around 10%).
At a European level, Italy shows a large participation at the call Horizon 2020,” the biggest EU Research and Innovation program up to now ( ). Within its work programs, several projects are oriented toward the older population and aim to accomplish the following goals: to promote healthy and active aging, study mechanisms underlying age-related diseases, improve disease detection and management, and test new technologies and new organizational models for the sustainability of the health care system.

It is always advisable to seek the advice of an Italian succession lawyer with specialist knowledge of cross-border legislation when making an Italian will as there are numerous aspects to cover, including tax and financial matters, which will vary between countries.

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