Emotional Wellbeing Workshops

We meet on zoom once a week and attending all 4 sessions is encouraged. Are you often feeling stuck in the past or worried about the future? This group will provide a safe, supportive space to practice mindfulness, connect with others around emotions and life challenges, and learn about how we can be kinder to ourselves. From socially distanced seating to sanitising stations, it has never been more important for business leaders to prioritise staff safety on the return to the office.
When you do hit the sack, do you find it hard to shut off your brain? Busy Cornell students often find themselves sacrificing sleep in order to meet wellbeing workshops the demands of school. This workshop addresses how sleeping properly can help you work more efficiently and improve your overall quality of life.

We’ll share 10 cool ways to meditate, easy techniques for quieting your brain, and simple ways to find silence in your work day. Participants learn the value of silence, get a chance to practice, and leave knowing exactly what they’d like to try next. Equip your managers with the tools to support staff with a mental health condition, including managing return to work. A safe, supportive space to explore your feelings, connect with others, and practice new behaviors that can ultimately lead to more fulfilling relationships. Whether you want to overcome challenges, improve relationships, connect with others, or learn how to manage stress, anxiety or depression,there is a place for you. As the study above shows, happier organisations perform better, and human resources is the key to success.
An online versions of our mental health course is available here, or live sessions, here. The workshops are carefully designed to be applicable to all. Where possible we will reference professional and personal scenarios to enable people to focus on their whole wellbeing – work and self. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that some people experience during particular seasons or times of year. However, many of us can feel a little lower during the winter.

DBT- Taking Next Steps is not offered during summer session. International Student Support Group is not offered during summer session. She runs a blog, An Eye Behind, that focuses on the secret life of London. Her work has been featured in Sivana Spirit, HubPages and Virily. Thrive invites voices from many spheres to share their perspectives on our Community platform.
If our construct of reality is negative then it will be reflected in our interactions with others, our belief in ourselves, and it will taint our perspective of our ability to flourish in life. In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply the CDA approach to help improve their engagement with themselves, others, and their work while enhancing their overall psychological well-being. We will review definitions of individual and collective trauma, emphasizing its ubiquity and the importance of trauma sensitivity in impact-driven work. Participants will practice responding to signals of distress in others and themselves, plus develop an action plan for their unique field site. We will discuss the risks of vicarious trauma for impact-driven professionals, and explore self-care strategies for prevention. Everyone deserves to thrive in a mentally healthy workplace.
We will take the time to get to know you before the workshop even starts; to make sure you get the most out of it as possible. This means that no one workshop will be the same – no copy and paste carbon copy schedules! Live music group experiences are designed to encourage self-expression, healthy communication, and improve overall wellbeing. Activities include playing instruments, songwriting, singing, combining music and movement, guided imagery, and music-assisted relaxation. Drama and the creative arts can help children to better understand their feelings and the emotional challenges they may be facing.

Woven throughout are case studies and reflections on how therapists can apply this approach to their work and their lives. A comprehensive list of more than 80 positive art therapy directives, a robust glossary, and lists of strengths and values are also included. Within these workshops we focus on what research has found actually makes us happier and how we can start to make some daily changes to improve our happiness. All our workshops are designed to be fun, interesting and engaging for those who take part.
This could be a single traumatic incident or a series of experiences. Responses to trauma can get in the way of everyday life and healing. This group hopes to provide space for learning, recovering, and connecting with others. We will explore common psychological responses to the realities of a changing climate.

Their workshops focus on self-management skills and living well, with the aim of all the participants becoming experts in their own self-care. All their workshops are co-produced; designed and delivered by people with lived experience of mental health challenges together with mental health professionals. Their aim is for everyone to feel listened to in a safe space, with the opportunity to connect with others. Whether you’re finishing a dissertation or co-writing a journal article, the writing process can be taxing and tedious.
You will feel more energized and engaged, more connected with others, and happier and more satisfied with your life. Our M.D, Felicity, is a a qualified Mental Health First Aider and has trained with the Stress Management Society. She is also a qualified meditation leader and specialises in other complimentary health techniques to aid relaxation and wellbeing. Her expertise in Human Factors gives her a wealth of knowledge about topics such as sleep, dealing with pressure, better communication and managing stress. Fall is upon us, which means it’s time to enjoy all your favorite fall foods. Chow down with us and the Dietetics Club and learn how eating seasonal foods can support your environment, bank account, and energy.
Come and join others from your local community to learn about how you can better support those around you in the mental wellbeing space, especially during these times of uncertainty. This workshop is designed to provide valuable tips and information and to expand awareness to help empower you to keep your Mental Health in check and provide support to others. It can sometimes be challenging to look after ourselves, sometimes we just don’t know where to start, or perhaps we need some fresh ideas and a bit of accountability. Manchester Mind has developed a selection of wellbeing workshops to encourage self-care and promote positive wellbeing in the workplace, and in your personal life. Being an Active Badger is more than being physically active. This workshop will provide you with ways to get involved in the UW-Madison community while also taking care of your physical and mental health.

Our role is to help create a culture of well-being where people excel and organizations prosper. Wellbeing workshops aim is to embed a culture of happiness and health through education. Within Social Media explored workshops, pupils have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how social media affects their mental health. However, instead of telling pupils to stop using social media, which discuss management techniques to use when social media starts to effect their emotion’s.

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