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Fast-growing European coworking network Talent Garden has developed a new coworking location in Milan, Italy. To explain the difference between Milan and other cities in Italy, in 2018 Milan CBD has scored the highest number of transactions in the last 10 years, after a very positive 2017 as well, with a 97% increase of office take up comparing Q4 2017 to Q4 2018.
Another great example of unique coworking spaces in Italy, Impact Hub Trento currently has more than 100 members and is constantly expanding with people from different backgrounds - entrepreneurs, researchers, designers, developers and project managers.

Behind a glass wall separating the restaurant from the co-working areas, a tiered wooden platform scattered with cushions caters to the flexible working habits of Tenoha's freelancing demographic: a group who will surely come out in droves to welcome the latest addition to Milan's growing wave of exciting new spots.
The first floor houses the Microsoft Technology Centre - an experiential centre designed to make it easier for companies, startups and coworking professionals to share ideas and discuss innovation, with up to 10,000 professionals a year expected to make use of the facilities.

WeWork is basically an intermediary: it takes the leasing for entire spaces and rents them at higher prices after having added a trendy design, a number of facilities such as internet, reception, cleaning, and even free coffee and beer for its members.
It now hosts innovative coworking spaces, the Innovation School, Talent Garden's digital educational branch, geared towards both post-graduates and corporate training, the TAG Café, a contemporary bar and bistro, as well as welcoming hundreds of events every year.

In coworking spaces across Italy, freelancers and remote teams have the opportunity to engage in professional development training, attend panels and lectures, take part in networking events, and much more. Why choose Spaces Milan Turati. To find a coworking space in Italy, browse through our interactive map below.
13 floors play host to offices, coworking spaces, a library, meeting rooms and a café. The old idea of a still, unique office is shifting to different concepts of work spaces, often shared and temporary, likely distributed in different cities following business and Customer requirements.
With one of the most awe-inspiring backdrops possible, these office spaces are in impressive company. Brief Description: Spaces in an international network originally funded in Amsterdam that recently opened in Milan in Porta Nuova district, it offers dedicated offices, meeting rooms as long as a co-working space.

Our Innovation School delivers training programmes and courses for both individuals and companies. Moreover, the service of virtual office, also provided by coworking spaces, is ideal for freelancers or entrepreneurs who spend most of their time travelling. With 13 offices around the world, and two on the outskirts of central Milan, there's a reason why this coworking venture is on the rapid rise.
The IULM Innovation Lab offers access to its modern co-working space. Brief Description: Talent Garden Calabiana is one of the biggest co-working spaces in Milan. To find a coworking space in Milan, browse through our interactive map below. Impact Hub Milano is the first Italian Impact Hub, a coworking space and Social Business Incubator offering services, connections and inspiration to entrepreneurs who are developing innovative social, environmental and cultural startups.

Hotels are common places to reserve small or large meeting rooms in Milan, but they may have high rates, inadequate services, or other issues. The business now boasts 16 offices around Milan, and a total of 33 in Italy. Like its other branches Talent Garden Milan is focused on digital and open to the whole ecosystem of innovators: from freelancers and startups to investors, companies, journalists, visionaries, makers and other creators.

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